• Sweepstakes winners will receive a $350 certificate for the purchase of a beef, dairy, swine, sheep, or goat project (market or breeding). This certificate must be used in accordance with the validation/ownership dates of the particular species as outlined in the JCLAA Rulebook.
  • All rules of the Johnson County Livestock and Agriculture Association apply.
  • An individual may only receive one certificate for the duration of his/her 4-H/FFA years.
  • This application is due to the Sweepstakes selection committee chairperson by May18, 2021.  Selection date will be May 18, 2021.
  • The animals purchased with the certificate must attend and be exhibited by the sweepstakes winner at the 2022 Johnson County Livestock Show.              
  • An initial thank you letter must be mailed to the sponsor prior to the County Show, a summary letter must be mailed after the County Show, and a copies of both submitted to the AST/CEA. It is strongly suggested that more contacts/interactions be made with the sponsor.
  • A sign with the sponsor's name must be posted on the pen or stalling area of the animal.
  • Qualified applicants will be selected to participate in the selection process. Qualified is defined as approved by their AST or CEA. The actual sweepstakes winners will be selected via a drawing. The number of winners will simply depend on the number of certificates available.
  • In the event of a participant not completing all responsibilities of this sweepstakes program; the participant will reimburse the JCLAA full payment of all monetary gifts.

2022-2023 JCLAA Sweepstakes Winners      

Winner Club/Chapter Sponsors
 Briselda Favila Barboza   Alvarado FFA   USC
Mia Ibarra   Alvarado FFA   Pinnacle Bank
Mandi Brackney   Godley FFA   Kade Zink
Hailey Cook   Centennial FFA   Joe Allen Transport
Emily Steele   Centennial FFA   Dayton Allen
Jadence Depue   Venus FFA   Joe Allen Transport
Riley Morin   Venus FFA   Dayton Allen
Mackenzie Harnden   Venus FFA   Burleson FFA Alumni
McKenzie Mounger   Joshua FFA   KG Cattle Company
Jadon Welman   Joshua FFA   Alvarado Vet Clinic
Ethan Welman   Joshua FFA   Cara & Reagan Ellison
Tessa Masters   Joshua FFA   Dr. Heather McKenzie
Mikah Wallace   Joshua FFA   Rachel & Brandon White
Selena Watson   Joshua FFA   Rachel & Brandon White
Ellie Kindler   Joshua FFA   Dr. Craig Jones
Morgan Smith   Cleburne FFA   Lauren & Lindsey Jones
Sheridan Walker   Cleburne FFA   RD Leather Company
Katy Britt   Cleburne FFA   Tom & Cindy Tilton

2020-21 Native Steer Winners      
Winner Club/Chapter Sponsors
Klara Pinkerton
Godley FFA Humphrey Farm & Ranch
Clarie Baker Grandview Central 4H Miller's Metal Building & Const.

Past Sweepstakes Winners      
NameDate AddedSize
2021-2022 Sweepstakes Winners 8/23/2022 44 KB
2020-2021 Sweepstakes Winners 7/8/2020 78 KB
2018-2019 Sweepstake Winners 7/3/2019 53 KB
2016 Sweepstakes Winners 9/21/2017 12 KB
2014 Sweepstakes Winners 9/21/2017 41 KB
2013 Sweeptakes Winners 9/21/2017 41 KB
2012 Sweepstakes Winners 9/21/2017 86 KB

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