• Sweepstakes winners will receive a $350 certificate for the purchase of a beef, dairy, swine, sheep, or goat project (market or breeding). This certificate must be used in accordance with the validation/ownership dates of the particular species as outlined in the JCLAA Rulebook.
  • All rules of the Johnson County Livestock and Agriculture Association apply.
  • An individual may only receive one certificate for the duration of his/her 4-H/FFA years.
  • This application is due to the Sweepstakes selection committee chairperson by May18, 2021.  Selection date will be May 18, 2021.
  • The animals purchased with the certificate must attend and be exhibited by the sweepstakes winner at the 2024 Johnson County Livestock Show.              
  • An initial thank you letter must be mailed to the sponsor prior to the County Show, a summary letter must be mailed after the County Show, and a copies of both submitted to the AST/CEA. It is strongly suggested that more contacts/interactions be made with the sponsor.
  • A sign with the sponsor's name must be posted on the pen or stalling area of the animal.
  • Qualified applicants will be selected to participate in the selection process. Qualified is defined as approved by their AST or CEA. The actual sweepstakes winners will be selected via a drawing. The number of winners will simply depend on the number of certificates available.
  • In the event of a participant not completing all responsibilities of this sweepstakes program; the participant will reimburse the JCLAA full payment of all monetary gifts.

2023 - 2024 JCLAA Sweepstakes Winners      

Winner Club/Chapter Sponsors
 Kiarha Arellano   Cleburne   Lauren & Lindsey Jones
Lily Martinez   Centennial   Alvarado Veterinary Clinic
Korbyn Jones   Centennial   Joe Allen Transoport
Alyssa Lares   Keene   Pinnacle Bank
Ella Peters   Burleson   Martinez Dorpers
Kenna Porter   Grandview   Rachel & Brandon White
Rylee Wasik   Burleson   Burleson FFA Alumni
Jasmine Ruiz   Cleburne   Cara & Reagan Ellis
Austen Smith   Cleburne   KG Cattle Company
Charisma Ramsey   Grandview   United Cooperative Services
Amberlin Butler   Alvarado   Tom & Cindy Tilton
Zoe Morse   Burleson   Northside Animal Clinic
Isabella Fisher   Cleburne   Rachel & Brandon White
Cameron Humphrey   Burleson   Joe Allen Transport
Valerie Hernandez   Joshua   Joe Allen Transport
Cady Cory   Joshua   Bryan & Heather McKenzie
Dominic Masidonio   Godley   Godley FFA - Gregg Family
Macey Williams   Burleson   Dayton Allen
Patrick Morrow   Cleburne   Dayton Allen
Maci Keith   Burleson   Dayton Allen

2023-2024 Native Steer Winners      
Winner Club/Chapter Sponsors

Dugger Electric

Miller's Metal Building & Const.

Past Sweepstakes Winners      
NameDate AddedSize
2021-2022 Sweepstakes Winners 8/23/2022 44 KB
2022-2023 Sweepstakes Winners 9/14/2023 47 KB
2020-2021 Sweepstakes Winners 7/8/2020 78 KB
2018-2019 Sweepstake Winners 7/3/2019 53 KB
2016 Sweepstakes Winners 9/21/2017 12 KB
2014 Sweepstakes Winners 9/21/2017 41 KB
2013 Sweeptakes Winners 9/21/2017 41 KB
2012 Sweepstakes Winners 9/21/2017 86 KB

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